Cord Case for Iphone: fashion effect or new consumption habit?

Coque Cordon pour Iphone : effet de mode ou nouvelle habitude de consommation ? - La Maison De La Coque

Lanyard cases for iPhone are one of the key accessories of recent years. Increasingly popular, these stylish cases adopt the latest trends while providing an undeniable practical side. But are they just a fad or will they become a new reflex for iPhone owners?

Your iPhone will no longer break

One of the main benefits of corded cases is the security they provide for your phone. Thanks to the cord, it's impossible to drop your iPhone on the ground and cause irreparable damage!

The lanyard allows you to hold your iPhone securely by carrying it across your shoulder, around your waist, or even hanging it from your bag. Your phone is therefore safe in all circumstances. Goodbye to cracked screens and other everyday accidents!

Losing your iPhone is history

Another major advantage of the iPhone case with cord: no more risk of losing your precious smartphone or having it stolen in transport. The cord allows you to have your precious technological jewelry always close to you, attach securely.

No more worry about forgetting it on the bus or metro with the cord hanging on you! Your iPhone never leaves your sight, making it the ultimate anti-loss accessory. Enough to take full advantage of your device with complete peace of mind.

Reduce the risk of iPhone theft

Thieves have a hard time with an iPhone equipped with a cord case! Proving to be a real fashion accessory, it is nonetheless effective in discouraging pickpockets.

The case with cord allows you to keep your iPhone attached to you and prevent it from being stolen without your knowledge from your pocket, bag or on a table when you are quietly having a drink on the terrace. A very useful additional protection when you know that iPhone theft frequently happens in public places.

So, what do you think ? Ready to fall for this little accessory that is both stylish and practical?


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