frequently asked Questions

  • Why haven't I received my confirmation email?

A confirmation email is sent automatically after each order. If you have not received it, it may be for the following reasons:

- The email is in your spam box

- The email address provided when ordering is not correct. In this case, contact us, we will correct it with the correct email address.

  • My item has still not arrived, is this normal?

We process your order within 48 working days, once it has been placed, once processed it is shipped the following day (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays not included).

All our orders are subject to a period of handling and bank authorizations before being shipped. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive it within 10 to 12 calendar days.*

We apologize for the delay. Sometimes international shipping may take longer than expected due to customs clearance.

You can track your order using the “track my order” section.

*For the Amber model, please take into account a 2-week lead time as it is a very popular model (except black/capuccino/camel colors).

  • My order is marked as delivered but I have not received anything

This could be:

- The Post Office which indicated a delivery by mistake. You just have to wait 2 days on average to see that the package has been delivered to your home. Otherwise, you can go to the post office to collect it.

- On some models, you can receive a notification that the package has been delivered. This means that the package has been delivered to our warehouse and you will receive your package within 2 days.
You will automatically receive an email with your updated La Poste tracking number.

- Your neighbors who received the order for you.

- Your guardian who received the package for you.

You have 7 days to notify us if a package is indicated as delivered but you have not received it. Beyond this period, we cannot consider the package as stolen or lost.

  • I ordered two products, but only received one... what's going on?

We work with several carefully selected suppliers, so we have products that are not stored in the same warehouses, some products may be shipped separately. Don't worry, it's completely normal if you receive one a few days before the other.

Our products are therefore shipped separately according to your order. For example, if this contains items from two different warehouses, there will therefore be two deliveries.

  • How do I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, contact us as soon as possible. If your order has not been shipped we will be able to refund you directly.

Please note, however, that once we ship your order, we no longer have the option to cancel it. Your solution will then be to return the product to us once received in accordance with our returns and refund policy.

  • The status of my order has not changed for several days

Contact us, we will file a complaint directly at the Post Office office.

  • My order has been sent back to you

This happens when the Post Office was unable to deliver to you due to an address error. In this case, please send us your full address, as well as the name on the mailbox for forwarding.

  • I have a problem with a product received. Example: I did not receive the correct model or the product is damaged.

You therefore have 7 days after receipt of the package to notify us. Please contact us using the contact form on our site, explaining the problem. We will act accordingly.

In the event of a damaged product, we will send you a new product.

Before notifying us that you have not received the correct model, please double-check your original order and ensure that you did not make an error when ordering.

  • Do you deliver to a relay point?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have an agreement with Point Relais for the delivery of our orders.

  • How long does it take to make an exchange or return?

You have 14 calendar days from receipt of the product to make a return, and request an exchange or credit. Please contact us first via the contact form, we will explain the procedure to follow.

  • How is the return going?

For each return or exchange please:

- Contact us via the contact form

- Make your return by followed letter only, and keep your tracking number carefully

- Please attach your full contact details to your package (last name, first name, postal address, email address, telephone number, as well as your order number)

The return of the product remains at your expense, the shipping costs incurred are neither covered nor reimbursed, but we will reship one or more new products to you free of charge.

La Maison de la Coque cannot be held responsible in the event of loss or theft by La Poste of your exchange or return. The tracking number is binding.

    • I want to become a partner

    We are continually looking for personalities to share our products. So don't hesitate to contact us, and become the next ambassador of our brand.

    By becoming our ambassador:

    - You will appear regularly on our social networks, also on our website

    - You will receive a preview of our products for free

    - The choice of partnerships is made by selection

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