Why choose a phone case with a cord?

Pourquoi opter pour une coque de téléphone avec cordon ? - La Maison De La Coque

The phone accessories market is booming. Cases, protective screens, car holder... There is no shortage of options to customize and protect your smartphone. But the accessory that is really all the rage at the moment are cord cases!

Combining style and practicality, these stylish cases have many advantages. Find out why they are worth adopting!

A really practical phone accessory

Phone cases with cords are very practical everyday accessories. Unlike a classic case, they allow you to always keep your phone within reach thanks to the cord.

No need to put your smartphone anywhere with the risk of forgetting it or dropping it! The cord allows you to always have your iPhone or Samsung within reach over your shoulder. Very useful on public transport or at festivals to avoid theft!

The cord is usually adjustable and removable for added comfort. The shell is available in different materials: silicone, leather, hard plastic... There is something for everyone!

A real fashion accessory

Drawstring cases are also real fashion accessories that will add an extra touch to your look. They come in a wide range of pop, pastel or metallic colors.

The cord is an integral part of the case's style. Braids, pearls, silver chains... Everything is possible to personalize your phone. The choice of material and finishes is also essential for a high-end finish.

Find the freedom of your hands

With a cord case, no more arms cluttered with your smartphone! Your hands are free to do other things while keeping your phone close.

It is the ideal accessory on vacation, at the beach, at a festival or during your sports sessions. Your camera will also always be available to capture your best moments.

So, are you convinced by corded cases? They will make your daily life easier and more stylish! La Maison De La Coque offers you a wide choice of models for all tastes and budgets.


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